AXiON TRAINER® is a custom designed fitness device that uses re-claimed sand to create what we like to call - Reaction Impact. By shifting the sand from lid to lid during any exercise, movement, or activity, you will strengthen your core muscles faster, burn more calories and improve your overall health.

"I used to do my workouts with dumbells but when I used the Axion trainer, the resistance impact made a crazy difference! The Axion Trainer has taken my at home workouts to the next level💪"

Train With Us!

Elevate your workouts and train with us at home. Unlock intense and fun core building and calorie burning programs with the purchase of your AXiON TRAINER®

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Burn 30% More Calories!

The AXiON TRAINER® double set intensifies the physical benefits of normal walking, jogging and running. These activities become a total body workout while improving running style, tempo and endurance. Improve your upper body and core strength by taking The Axion Trainer® double set with you on your next trek and burn 30% more calories then you would without them.

"As a mom, I had no time to go to the gym and I thought getting a good workout would be impossible. The Axion Trainer and the courses that come with it changed everything for me! Now I can get a quick work out in and feel my best." - Jenna H.

Swing That Ax!

The Axe is portable, easy to use and suitable for all levels from athletes to seniors. The Axe provides a total body workout at home or within group exercise classes and is available in 2 sizes. The Axe is used for core specific HIIT workouts while the AxionTrainer® double set comes with a gripping system and can be used for all aerobic activity including walking or running. 

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