Tone, Shape, & Strengthen Your Core

AX-CORE makes use of special exercises that can only be done with the Axion Trainer, the only workout equipment that works on the concept of REACTION IMPACT. Inside the Axion Trainers there is a mass that the user, during the workout, shifts form side to side. This makes the AX-CORE very effective and unique.

About The Program

Duration of the Program:  7 days

Number of Workouts:  6

Type of Program: Core Training

Level of Expertise: All Levels

Get the AX-CORE Training Progam with your purchase of the Single Large Axion Trainer

"I used to do my workouts with dumbells but when I used the Axion trainer, the resistance impact made a crazy difference! The Axion Trainer has taken my at home workouts to the next level💪"

  • "The Axion Trainer and the courses that come with it changed everything for me! Now I can get a quick work out in and feel my best."

  • "I will stick with the AXION Trainer. It's a lot of fun and burns calories in a unique way."

  • "I love it. I can feel it working many areas of my body. It's definitely a class product that I want to continue with. There are so many ways to use it, so it never gets boring!"