What is Reactive Impact?

What is Reactive Impact?

The Axion Trainer was engineered to provide what we call “Reactive Impact”, but what really is Reactive Impact? 

Reactive Impact is the impact of free moving mass against an opposing force, creating a rebound that is then added to the mass.

When you move your Axion Trainer back and forth, you can clearly feel the impact of the free moving mass against the end-caps. This impact, which occurs at the start and end of each movement, is unlike the energy of a dead weight. It forces the muscles and connective tissues to work harder so they can truly absorb the energy of the impact and reverse the motion of the inner grit. The rebound of the granular substance hits just when the grit begins accelerating in the opposite direction. Forcing you to absorb the rebounding force PLUS move the mass.

The Result?

  • Increased muscle strength
  • Up to 39% more muscle activity compared to using dead weights
  • Is beneficial for deeper connective tissue
  • Allows for up to 39% more muscle activity compared to using solid weights
  • A higher heart rate
  • Additional oxygen use
  • More energy consumption
  • Greater fat burning 
  • 33% more calories burned


Reactive Impact is the ultimate core strengthening tool because along with increasing muscle power and definition in the entire core area it also increases the elasticity of the connective tissue making you more flexible.

Due to Reaction Impact, The Axion Trainer increases the heart rate by an extra 23%, oxygen uptake by an extra 32% and energy consumption by an extra 33%. Making it a much more effective training tool than conventional free weights. 

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